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information for domestic workers

Whether you're a domestic worker or a nurse, you have the same employment rights, and your employers have the same responsibilities. You should never agree to work for an employer who is not willing to carry out these responsibilities.

Holiday entitlement PDF Print E-mail
All employees in the UK are entitled by law to 5.6 weeks holiday per year. For a full-time employee that is 28 paid days off per year, of which 4 weeks (20 days) is standard leave and 1.6 weeks (8 days) is all 8 of the bank holidays.

If you work part-time and wish to calculate your pro rata holiday entitlement, you simply multiply the number of days you work per week by 5.6. So, for example if you work 3 days per week, you would multiply 3 by 5.6 which means you are entitled to a total of 16.8 days per year.

In addition to holiday entitlement, the Working Time Regulations, the UK interpretation of the European Working Time Directive, also grants all employees the following statutory rights:

  • Rest breaks
  • Domestic employees are however exempt from the measures concerning working hours