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  1. All agency literature and other materials supplied by Stafftax are the copyright of Stafftax and can only be reproduced, in whole or in part, with the express consent of Stafftax.

  2. Stafftax will take a new subscriber’s named source of introduction, either stated verbally, selected online or appearing in writing on their subscription form, as the sole source of introduction for commission payment purposes.

  3. Stafftax agrees to pay a commission for every new, annual subscriber introduced to our service by your agency – using point 2 above as the sole criteria.

  4. Commission will only be paid for an initial full annual subscription.

  5. Stafftax additionally agrees to send a case (twelve bottles) of wine to your agency for every ten subscribers introduced to our service.

  6. In the event that a subscriber cancels their subscription within the first six months of subscribing, Stafftax reserves the right to offset commission paid for this subscription against subsequent commission paid for further subscriptions introduced by the same agency.

  7. Stafftax will not be held responsible for the consequences of any free advice given to nanny agencies as a part of our agency support package. In specific or complex ongoing cases or wage-related disputes involving an agency or their client, agencies are advised to consult their own paid professional adviser.

  8. Stafftax will provide, on request and in a timely manner, any reasonable quantity of Stafftax literature requested by an agency. Stafftax reserves the right to send smaller quantities of literature than ordered where reprinting or revision of materials is taking place.

  9. Where an agency has not signed and returned an Agency Commission Agreement, Stafftax reserves the right not to provide literature or pay a commission for any subscriber introduced.

  10. Agencies are able to register with Stafftax Legal for free, in order to receive unlimited advice on employment law that relates only to the agency and its employees. Stafftax Legal may not be contacted by the agency for law advice on behalf of clients or nannies.

  11. Stafftax reserves the right to amend the terms of this agreement in future in the light of changed circumstances.
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