Latest Service Update - July 2020:

We continue to experience a large volume of customer contact however we have made good progress with many workstreams over the last few weeks. For the coming few weeks ahead, here are some service and furlough related updates to be aware of:

1. Our phones will be open everyday from 9am to 1pm. We anticipate our phone lines to be extra busy over the coming weeks, if you cannot get through, you can email or (for non Furlough/Covid19 queries)

2. If you have yet to make your first furlough claim we encourage you to do this as there is now a deadline of the 31st July. The Furlough Portal has a detailed step by step guide on how to claim, alternatively email

3. If your employee has returned to work after a period of being on furlough, you can let us know by simply visiting the Furlough Portal and go to Step 7 'End Furlough'.

4. We will continue to furlough your employee until you either inform us to:

a. End Furlough, which can be done via the Furlough Portal. b. Apply part time/ flexible furlough, which can be done via the Furlough Portal. c. Make your employee redundant. To find out more about this, visit out contact us page. d. Tell us your nanny has left, which you can do via the Members Area.

 To read all our latest Covid-19/Furlough related FAQs click here. To access our newly built Furlough Portal click here

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Employee Rights

There are certain employee rights which you have to adhere to as a legal responsibility of being a domestic employer in the UK.

The essential employee rights that you need to know about are:

National Minimum Wage

Almost all workers are entitled to by law to recieve the National Minimum Wage, the only exemption is for 'live in' employees. National minimum wage rates are updated by the government every October. 

Holiday Entitlement

The statutory minimum holiday allowance is 5.6 weeks per year including bank holidays, which is 28 days for a 5-day week. See our holiday entitlement page for how to calculate holiday allowance for part time and short-term contracts.

Statutory Sick Pay

After three consecutive days of being off sick, employees have the right to statutory sick pay, which Stafftax will administer on behalf of our clients. This may be paid as part of or instead of their normal pay. See here for further information.

Statutory Maternity Pay

Any pregnant employee has the right to take 52 weeks' leave regardless of their length of service. If they wish to return before the end of the 52 weeks they must give the employer eight weeks' notice. They are also entitled to maternity pay if they have been in the same employment for 26 weeks prior to the 'notification week', which is 15 weeks before the baby's due date. See here for our dedicated page on Statutory Maternity Pay.

Shared Parental Leave

Expectant parents can share between them the allowed 52 weeks of childcare leave. They can split the leave – and statutory pay – between them either one after the other or both can be on leave at once.


Employees are legally entitled to receive a payslip each time they are paid or just before. Payslips should be kept safe as they act as proof of earnings should the nanny wish to apply for a loan or mortgage. The payslip must contain the gross salary, deductions (including tax and national insurance) and the total amount of 'take-home' pay after deductions have been made. It may also contain your employee's National Insurance Number, their tax code, pay rate and any additional payments such as overtime or bonuses.


Employers are legally required to give employees a Contract of Employment or written Statement of Employment terms, by the first day of their start date. Stafftax HR will create a bespoke contract for you and your employee once you complete our Contract Request Form.

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