Becoming an employer, especially for the first time can often be a source of great concern. Without working knowledge of the tax system and current employment law you are entering a minefield. Businesses use skilled payroll, legal and human resources professionals. Now you can too – at a fraction of the price.

Stafftax is the recognised market leader in domestic payroll and is the sister company of Nannytax that has been established within the industry for 20 years. We understand the complexities of domestic staff employment better than anyone else and are a valued and trusted name in thousands of UK households. As part of the Enable group, Stafftax represents over 1% of all UK employers.

Stafftax is in regular communication with HMRC and several departments of Government on a range of employment issues and policy initiatives. We are also frequently consulted and quoted in both trade publications and the financial and family sections of daily press.

We are more than aware that issues can arise complicating the employer/employee relationship and our professional advice can prove invaluable. Our low-cost domestic payroll service offers outstanding value for money. When you subscribe to Stafftax we:

  • Register you as an employer with HMRC. All their correspondence and paperwork is then sent to us
  • Keep complete payroll records on your behalf
  • Provide you with payslips for your employee weekly or monthly showing tax and NI deductions made on their behalf
  • Process a P45 every time an employee joins or leaves you
  • Send you a quarterly summary of tax and NI due to HMRC
  • Electronically file a Full Payment Submission (FPS) with HMRC each time you pay your employee, as well as an Employer’s Payment Submission (EPS) when necessary. We will also provide you with a year-end summary (P60) for your employee
  • Guide you through any pay-related issues that may arise
  • Keep you up to date with tax rates and other changes that may affect your employment responsibilities, and implement these on your behalf


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