Postal disruptions

We all know that the UK postal service has a tendency to be unreliable from time to time. Most of us have experienced delays in delivery or items that have mysteriously got ‘lost in the post’. Localised strikes by the Communication Workers Union (CWU) can sometimes take place in several cities including London which causes further delays and a backlog of millions of letters and parcels. This can all be inconvenient to say the least, especially if you’re waiting for something in particular to arrive.

At Stafftax, it goes without saying that we strive to ensure you receive all your employee’s payslips for you need them, despite any disruptions that may occur. However, in times of severe postal union action, it isn’t always possible despite our best efforts. So when it comes to payslips we have developed a clear alternative, that completely eliminates the need for using the postal service, to ensure you can always get them exactly when you need them.

Download your payslips

  • Within the Members Area you can download, save and print your employee’s payslips in the privacy of your own home
  • Your payslips are placed in your account on the Members Area each month at the same time they would normally be sent out
  • No need for the post, so this provides added security with the assurance that they won’t be delayed or lost even when the post is running normally
  • You can log in and download them whenever you like and however many times you may need them

Please do log onto the Members Area within the Stafftax website now to see all of the great features it offers, all designed to make your task as an employer run as smoothly as possible. Further, additional features are also in development for the Members Area so it’s also worth checking back regularly to see if anything new has been launched.

If you would like to take advantage of this efficient feature and stop receiving payslips via the post, simply let us know by emailing

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