Whatever your employment needs, Enable has a service for you

The Enable group offers a range of payroll services catering for all types of small employer. Each service is designed to meet the specific needs of the employer, whatever the nature of the employment.

All of Enable's high quality fixed-fee payroll services offer better value for money than a typical accountancy practice, with a far wider range of client support and advice. The payroll plus approach pioneered by Enable offers not only unlimited pay-related advice and information but also specialist employment law support and guidance for the smaller employer. The latter is a must in today's ever more complex and litigious society, where statutory compliance issues and employee rights are essential considerations for every employer.


Nannytax is the UK's original and leading payroll support service for nanny employers. Established in 2003 Nannytax has earned an enviable reputation for providing excellent customer service.  

  • Free advice, whether or not you join us
  • We have a team of payroll specialists that focuses only on nannyshares
  • Unlimited support and advice throughout the employment process from our experienced payroll team
  • Peace of mind that all your employment responsibilities are properly looked after
  • Free employment law advice from a team of solicitors specialising in UK employment law
  • Instant payment online or by telephone - by credit or debit card
  • Access to the members resource area of the Nannytax website.

For more information on Nannytax:
Tel: 0203 137 4401
Email: info@nannytax.co.uk
Visit: www.nannytax.co.uk


Quartz Payroll

A service designed with the small business in mind. Calculating and keeping payroll records onsite requires a secure workspace and secure file storage for sensitive information. When you use Quartz Payroll we can guarantee both continuity and confidentiality for your business. All you have to do is pay for our service, provide us with initial information for each employee, and then update us on any subsequent variations to their hours, pay rates or other employment circumstances. We do the rest for you, transforming the hassle into peace of mind! This frees up your time to do what you're best at, which is growing and running your business.

For more information on PayRole:
Tel: 0203 137 4408
Email: info@quartzpayroll.co.uk
Visit: www.quartzpayroll.co.uk


Enable Payroll+

A national payroll and employment advisory support service, providing a specialised service for users of direct payments or anyone who employs a personal assistant to work for them in their home. We understand that for many, the responsibilities of becoming an employer can be a daunting prospect and it’s our job to eliminate any worries. As payroll specialists we deal with a whole range of pay and employment related issues every day. As a client you can be assured that we’ll guarantee peace of mind and a quality service, leaving you to enjoy a good quality of life.

For more information on Enable Payroll+:
Tel: 0203 137 4406
Email: info@enable-payroll.co.uk
Visit: www.enable-payroll.co.uk


Enable Money Management

Put simply, Enable Money Management (EMM), hold money and make payments on behalf on individuals who require additional support with administering their health and social care funding.  Our innovative Money Management Service has been described by the Local Authorities we work with as being ‘the next generation of managed account and pre-paid card services’.

For more information on Enable Money Management:
Tel: 020 3137 4589
Email: info@enablemoneymanagement.co.uk
Visit: www.enablemoneymanagement.co.uk



A unique specialist public liability policy designed with the professional nanny in mind. Read more about Nannyinsure here . . .

For more information on Nannyinsure:
Tel: 0203 137 4410
Email: info@nannyinsure.co.uk
Visit: www.nannyinsure.co.uk