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Stafftax is the recognised market leader in domestic payroll and is the sister company of Nannytax (payroll for nannies) that has been established for nearly 25 years. We are a valued and trusted name in thousands of UK households.

We at Stafftax have very specific expertise in domestic payroll and employment issues. With all our experience we excel at understanding domestic employment as well as payroll, and we strive to give the best service possible. We want to be expert, reliable, respectful and give our customers the best experience. We enjoy what we do because we believe that by taking on the administrative burden of payroll and supporting clients in other employer duties, we give our customers the freedom to enjoy their lifestyle. We want to be available when needed and relied upon to keep our customers within the law and within best practice as employers. Find out more about the Stafftax Team here.

Stafftax is in regular communication with HMRC and several departments of Government on a range of employment issues and policy initiatives. We are also frequently consulted and quoted in both trade publications and the financial and family sections of daily press.


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