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In response to many clients asking if we can pay staff on their behalf we have developed a bolt-on to the standard Stafftax payroll service, designed to make being a domestic employer even easier and even more hassle free. Stafftax Plus is our premium service for clients who want an end-to-end payroll service with minimal involvement on their part.

How it works

On top of the standard Stafftax payroll service, which includes an Employment Contract and Employment Law Support, the Stafftax Plus service includes:

  • Making salary payments direct to your staff
  • Paying Tax and National Insurance liabilities to HMRC on your behalf

This means that there will be no calls upon your time once you are set up except to advise us of any changes — such as changes to contact information, bank account details or your employee's pay.

There are two conditions under which the Stafftax Plus service can be offered at present:

  • Your staff must be paid monthly
  • They must be on a fixed salary

How much it costs

Stafftax Plus only costs £12 a month for your first employee and £6 a month for each additional employee on top of the annual subscription for the standard Stafftax service.

How do I subscribe?

Complete this contact form (click here) or call Rebecca or Sue on 020 3137 4401.

In just a few quick steps we can set you up in time for the next pay run.

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