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Stafftax for Agencies

Building trusted relationships with domestic recruitment agencies is essential to us. By working together, we can not only provide a more comprehensive service for domestic employers, but create a positive community that supports businesses in the domestic sector.

Our partnership initiative is ideal for domestic recruitment agencies looking to build their business and take advantage of our expertise on tax calculations, sickness or holiday entitlement.

Working together
It’s simple: we’ll direct our clients to you for their recruitment needs, and, in turn, ask that you provide our details to clients for their payroll requirements. With a generous commission structure in place, an entry on our Domestic Recruitment Agency Directory and access to our Agency Advice Line when you need some reliable advice, we hope you will consider working with us at Stafftax.

Our Agency Advice Line is available to any domestic employment agencies, Monday-Friday, 09:00-17:30 on 020 3137 4402, or email us at

Access our Agency Members Area
We offer two levels of partnership:

The Agency+ service is available for £19.99 per month. 

It's for those looking to provide a premium service to their clients and includes the following benefits:

  • Commission for every successful referral to Stafftax
  • Case of wine for every 10 referrals
  • Agency advice line
  • Exclusive 10% discount on Stafftax Payroll Services for clients you refer
  • 'My agency' online portal for you to manage referrals and access useful information
  • Stafftax literature
  • Factsheets
  • Tax tables and exclusive content
  • Fsting on our agency directory
  • HR support line
  • HR support for you and your clients, including template employment contracts, offer letters and HR documents and templates
  • Free employers checklist for you and your clients

You can also choose our free Affiliate service which offers the commission, case of wine for 10 referrals, agency advice line, 'My Agency' online portal and Stafftax literature from the list above.

If you'd like to sign-up for either the Affiliate or Agency+ service, 020 3137 4402, or email us at

Resources for Agencies

Agency Directory

Use our list of trusted domestic recruitment agencies that we work with to find an agency local to you.

Salary Calculators

Our calculators can help you figure out your employee’s net and gross pay, as well as employer’s total cost.

First time Employers

If you’re employing for the first time, read our handy guide that outlines everything you need to do.

Employment Costs

Learn the costs involved in employing someone, including the difference between gross and net salaries.

Employee Rights

Read our guide to your employee’s rights, and what they are entitled to when they work for you.

Holiday Entitlement

Learn how much holiday your employee is entitled to, and how it is calculated.

Statutory Sick Pay

Learn who qualifies for Statutory Sick Pay, and how it works.

Statutory Maternity Pay

Learn how Statutory Maternity Pay is administered when your employee falls pregnant.

Rates and Thresholds

Read our guide to the current tax year for up-to-date information on tax thresholds, pension contributions, and more.

Benefits in Kind

Learn what qualifies as a ‘Benefit in Kind’, and how to report them correctly.

Hiring from outside the UK

Read our guide to checking employees have the right to work in the UK. 

Rates and Thresholds

Read our guide to the current tax year for up-to-date information on tax thresholds, pension contributions, and more.

Furlough Portal

Furlough Portal

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