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Stafftax Domestic Payroll

- Comprehensive Payroll Service

- Free Contract of Employment

- Unlimited HR Advice

Employing household staff can make life much easier and more comfortable, but there is an administrative burden that goes with being an employer and that's where Stafftax can help.

We are an exclusive domestic payroll agency and our aim is to take on the burdens of your status as a domestic employer, leaving you free to enjoy the benefits.

When you become a domestic employer in the UK you take on certain legal responsibilities. The needs and rights of your staff remain the same whether they are employed in your household or in a business setting.

For instance, you must draw up an employment contract with your employee within eight weeks of their start date, pay tax and national insurance and give them a payslip every time they get paid.

You must also make sure that you pay your employee at least the national minimum wage, give them at least the minimum annual leave, manage sickness and absence and provide a workplace pension. Not to mention other issues that may arise such as employment disputes, maternity pay, benefits in kind, etc.

See here for more information on your employee's rights.

At Stafftax we help domestic employers with all of this as well as taking care of the payroll.

Read about our exclusive, all-inclusive payroll and employer support service.

If you are a first-time employer you may find our First Time Employer Checklist helpful.

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