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After you have subscribed you will receive a welcome email from us. Please read this email carefully as it requires action on your part in order to get you fully set up as an employer.

If you haven't received the email by the end of the next working day after subscribing, please check your junk mail/spam.
The emails contain the following:

1. Important information:

  • Your temporary Payroll Number
  • Your Members Area log in details
  • Instructions on what to do next

2. Forms attached you need to complete and return to us ASAP:

  • HMRC form FBI-2
  • HMRC form 68-8

These require a date and signature only, and authorise us to act as your agent with HMRC. Without these forms we are not allowed to act on your behalf. It is important you download these forms and return them by post (as we require original signatures) ASAP – once we have received these forms your PAYE scheme will take HMRC around 15 working days to set up.

  • Money Laundering form

We are required and committed to complying with the government’s Money Laundering Regulations 2007.

3. A request to complete your new employee’s Payroll Information

  • In order to do this you will be required to log in to the Members Area (using the log in details you have been given) and complete the Payroll Information Form
  • You’ll be asked for information regarding your employee’s details, salary, working hours etc
  • Please note that without this information we have nothing to process for your employee!

Once we have your payroll information and your new PAYE scheme is up and running we will start supplying payslips. These will be made available in the Members Area for you and/or your employee to download.

I haven’t received my welcome email

Our welcome email will be sent to you as soon as possible the same day you have subscribed, however if you have subscribed after 3pm you will receive your email during the next working day.

If after this time you still haven’t received our email, in the first instance please check your junk mail folder. Some email facilities will filter email addresses they don’t recognise. If you still don’t have them please let us know by emailing info@stafftax.co.uk or on 020 3137 4407 and we’ll resend it.

What else should I do?

We recommend that you complete the "Employment Health Check" when setting up a new employee.  This is available in the Members Area and will make sure you have discharged all your responsibilities as an employer. 

It’s important for you to keep us informed of changes to your employee’s employment situation. This includes changes to working hours (e.g., overtime) or changes in salary etc, and try to let us know as soon as possible in order to keep the payroll accurate.

Finally, all you have do is pay your employee on the basis of the payslips we provide and pay HMRC your liabilities on the basis of the invoices we provide.

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