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Top Boredom Busting Tips

Top Boredom Busting Tips

If you, like many of us are feeling at a loss for what to do during your free time, try one of our top boredom buster tips below.

Try a new recipe

When you are feeling uninspired, why not dust off your old cookery books or look for a new recipe to try. Whether you like to follow a recipe when you are cooking or just prefer to use them as a guide, there is a dish out there for you! We particularly loved the carrot and apple flapjacks from Anna Jones' simple, staple recipes for lock down, as they are simple to make and sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Now is the perfect time to get creative and use up some of that long-forgotten produce that you often find in your freezer. So tonight, don the apron and get your Nigella Lawson on.

Pick up a new hobby

From knitting to puzzles and everything in between, there are hundreds of new hobbies that you can pick up, whilst you are stuck at home. If you are feeling isolated, try getting a friend involved with your latest hobby. For example, if you love reading why not create a virtual book club, so that you and your friends could discuss the book over your favourite bottle of wine.

Need some inspiration? Good housekeeping have come up with a list of 30 of the best hobbies for women, which can be read here. Our personal highlights included attempting to learn some new origami skills and practising our flower arrangements, in celebration of our latest garden blooms.

Learn a new language

Whether you want to develop new skills for your personal or business life, learning a language is a great place to start. Depending on how you learn best you can find many books and online learning tools that can help you towards you goal. Babbel has a fantastic selection of languages available and lots of additional resources. Or if you were looking for a course to introduce yourself to a new language The Open University offer a selection of free courses at level 1. For an added level of fun, try learning with someone else, that way you can schedule in regular video calls and practice having a conversation in your newly learnt language.

Do some wishful thinking

Now is a great time to make a wish list of places that you would like to visit. Simply pick your top 5 places and start doing some research on the area. Start by looking at what attractions there are in the region and decide what you would like to do whilst you are there. When doing your research, you should look at things like:

- Best time of year to visit

- Local language and currency

- Transport links

If you need inspiration, the Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel Blog is a great place to start.

We hope these have given some inspiration of things that you can do to bust that boredom!

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